Serious Justice: Kogi BBQ Truck

I’m out in Los Angeles this weekend and had the opportunity to check out the Kogi BBQ Food Truck. I’m not normally going to write about restaurants here (that’s what my Yelp page is for..), but there was something about Kogi that stuck me as especially just.

Kogi serves awesome Korean/Mexican fusion food – think Korean spicy pork tacos (pictured above) and quesadillas (pictured below). There’s also a sweet street food take on it – also on the menu are Korean beef sliders smothered in jack cheese and sesame-flavored mayo. No boundaries here, just creative combinations of bold flavors in the service of awesome food.

Filled with cheese, pork, and covered in a sesame salsa verde that’s equal parts savory, refreshing, and tangy. Amazing.

Even better, despite the chef winning  a Food + Wine best new chef award, the priciest food clocks in at just $7.

It’s living proof that creative, awesome food doesn’t need to be pretentious, rare, or expensive. Basically, there’s no excuse not to eat delicious stuff all the time. And that is seriously just.

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